The fields of mathematics, education, engineering, business administration, and retail entrepreneurship have earned some Exquisite Butterflies!


Congrats to our Summer and Spring 2019 graduates! 

Shanava "S.I.L.K." Saintolien

Charissa "Miss Jackson" Lucien

Andrea "Monte Carlo" Diaz-Cepeda

Grace "Anarchy" Rodriguez



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Recent Awards


National Awards 2016:

Undergraduate Chapter of the Year

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Award- Sabrina Ishaque

Advisor of the Year-
Charee Williams

NMGC Awards 2017:

NMGC Chapter Highlight


2017 Greek Life Awards:

Sisterhood Excellence

Academic Excellence

Leadership Excellence

President's Cup

Regional Awards 2018:
Community Service Award

Regional Awards 2019: 
Positive Impact in Public Relations

Positive Impact in Creativity 

2019 Greek Life Awards:

Sisterhood Excellence
Jon Dalton Outstanding Servant Leader- Shanava Saintolien

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Meet Our Newest Sisters


           Fall 2018 line “Overkill


1. Grace "Anarchy" Rodriguez

2. Nkechi "Astraea" Emetuche 

3. Alora "Rogue" Clark

4. Kristina "Black Orchid" Feliciano

5. Katarina "Cyclone" Cuevas

6. Shanava "S.I.L.K." Saintolien

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282 Champions Way, University Center 4100

Tallahassee, FL 32306





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